Everything is geometrical (and more) from snowflakes to spiders’ webs, fruit, flowers, leaves, all forms of life, their anatomy, balance and movement. The solar system, the ellipsis of the Earth turning on its axis around the sun determining the seasons, the power of the sun and the moon causing sea tides and encouraging growth. 

The admirable way that certain insects imitate twigs and flowers, and certain spiders change colour to match exactly that of the flower they wait motionless on for their prey.  

The intelligence of sea mammals, the secret, age-old intelligence of elephants. The love that such animals show. The beauty and diversity of tropical fish, butterflies and birds so absolutely incredible in form and colour. They defy all seemingly reasonable theories like those of Darwin, and they persuade us that there has to be something else still far beyond our reach. 

The universe itself and its intricate, geometrical (and more) miraculous workings. The further we are able to peer out into space, the more there is that we are still unable to perceive or imagine. 

And here we are in the midst of this paradise, pretentious enough to claim that humanity, who somehow arrived or evolved only 200,000 years ago, an instant in terms of the age of planet Earth (4.543 billion years) and even less in terms of universal time or chronology, is guilty of ‘climate change’.  If humanity is guilty of anything, it’s mainly a recurrence of regressivity, barbarity (travesty, perversion, wokism, cancel-culture, infanticide, etc.) all amounting to imbecility. Provoking rather than preventing war for the dated illusion of personal or national gain is a perfect example. It totally cancels out all other claimed preoccupations, pandemics, and professed ‘man-made climate change’.  Only humanity is capable of destroying what should be regarded as a paradise. If ever this height of human folly became a reality, only humanity would primarily suffer, simply because the powers that be, the divine, universal laws would naturally adapt. Life would go on, like masses of poppies gayly waving where bombs had once ripped up the bowels of the earth. Life would survive and continue to evolve, but the age of humanity would be over, and in such an atrocious, tragic case, perhaps it would be just as well. 

Therefore if ever such a futile, contemptible destiny awaited humanity, according to ‘universal law’ it would naturally be in the order of things.. However, in spite of humanity’s strengths and weaknesses, I believe that our destiny is unimaginably unlimited, provided we don’t derail ourselves beyond all hope, in the ‘meantime’.. 


Text and image © Mirino, May, 2022

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