The Iranian Tempest

It is now clearer than ever that the confrontation in Iran is not simply a major dispute about a legitimate or fraudulent voting result. It is more an ideological battle between an intolerant, repressive government (who uses the Sharia as a political weapon, supports terrorism and has bellicose ambitions) and an ever increasing number of the educated and informed population in favour of moderation, modernisation and freedom.

Under such circumstances those who contest the election results have little chance of obtaining any satisfaction, other than revealing that 'Iranian democracy' is even more of a masquerade than was previously believed. This despite what seems to me to be a fact that Sharia law is incompatible with democratic law. (If this is indeed so, granting communities the right to practice Sharia law in Europe or in any democratic state or continent is incoherent, dangerous and should be categorically denied as illegal and unconstitutional).

Under the present circumstances the Iranian authorities can therefore no longer pretend to represent a democratic republic. When elections are fairly won, there is never any need to use repression. One resorts to justice which can only be based on the truth.

If the 'Supreme Guide' of Iran supports repression and lies, more than justice and truth, then he cannot be qualified to guide anyone, including himself. He cannot represent anyone, and certainly not God.

International Petition.

The undersigned demands the Iranian authorities to seriously reconsider the claims of their people in order that justice determined by these claims and the essential rules of democracy prevail.

Either- To persuade and reassure their people, not with force but with reason and justice, that they are wrong to believe that the rules of democracy have been violated, so that order can be properly, fairly and peacefully restored.

Or- To allow their people the opportunity to prove, not with force but with reason and justice, that the rules of democracy have been violated and to act in consequence of such evidence to insure that justice and democracy prevail peacefully.

For as long as doubt is permitted to triumph over justice, Iran cannot be properly governed or pretend to be a democratic republic, or be considered as such by the Iranian population and the international Community.

La soussignéé demande aux autorités Iraniennes de reconsidérer sérieusement les revendications du peuple pour que la justice déterminée par ces réclamations et les règles de la démocratie prévalent.

Soit- Pour pouvoir persuader et assurer leur peuple, non avec la force mais avec la raison et la justice, qu'il a tort d'assumer que les règles de la démocratie aient été violées, pour que l'ordre puisse être restoré de manière juste et sans violence.

Soit- Pour accorder à leur peuple l'opportunité de prouver, non pas avec la force mais avec la raison et la justice, que les règles de la démocratie ont été violées, pour que tous les iraniens et les autorités puissent prendre acte en conséquence pour assurer que la justice et la démocratie prévalent paisiblement.

Car tant que le doute est permis de pouvoir triompher au détriment de la justice, l'Iran ne peut pas être gouverné de manière efficace, ne peut pas prétendre être une république démocratique, ou être considéré comme telle par le peuple iranien et la Communauté internationale.

Signed this day of the 22nd June, 2009.

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